About Statements on Fashion

Statements on Fashion Podcast seeks to address accessibility to the field of fashion studies in a way many publications and scholarly works have not. There are a great number of people who are interested in thinking about fashion beyond simply clothing, but a dearth of accessible content that delivers this to them. We will cover a different aspect of fashion studies each month through both scholarly and practical interviews, delivering new information to listeners through an accessible platform.


Philippa Nesbitt

Philippa Nesbitt is a graduate of The New School Parsons Paris with an MA in Fashion Studies and holds a BA in Sociology and Critical Studies in Sexuality from the University of British Columbia. Her MA thesis focused on the history and emergence of transgender and non-binary models in the major fashion cities, and has been featured in Elle France.

Philippa currently lives in Paris and works as Digital Curator at Revue Magazine and a freelance stylist assistant. She is currently working toward co-authoring a book on fashion and identity since the 1990s.

Learn more about Philippa here.


Katie Wilkes

Katie Wilkes is a graduate of The New School Parsons Paris with an MA in Fashion studies and holds a BA in Media Studies and International and Comparative Politics from San Diego State University. Her MA thesis focused on the politics feminist slogan tees and their paradoxical presence in the world of luxury fashion

Katie currently lives in New York and works as Communication Coordinator at Conti Communications and maintains passionate about the influence of law and politics within the world of fashion.

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Geneva Haley is an illustrator, designer and musician based in Calgary, Canada. Her work engages real people through entertainment, thought provoking ideas, and emotion.

Geneva provided the cover art for the podcast.

See more of her work here.

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Cam Everatt is a music producer and DJ based in Vancouver Canada working under his own label Hidden Valley Logging Company. He utilizes sounds and ambience from the surrounding nature and past events from Canada's industries to create moody, ambient tracks.

Cam provided the music for the podcast.

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